Sunday, April 01, 2007

Drinking on the job

What a great way to start a new job! I started on a wine tasting day! HA! So I was encouraged, no required, to taste. It was fun. I tasted a lot, didn't know what I was really tasting at times, but I'm training my palette, right?

I tasted 30 wines! All different kind of reds and white. Some of them were really great. I have to say that I am really hoping that I can learn something. People came up to me and asked questions, some of which I had no clue. I still am trying to figure out what's on our shelves. I kind of know what can be paired with what, but sometimes I don't know. I worked a long time, and after that I was really tired. I work again today, but only from 1 - 5. This is my first retail job ever! Who needs a gym? I was up, walking around, arranging shelves, throwing stuff out, , arranging shelves, pricing stuff. On my feet for 6 full hours!

Ok- well, I need to get some stuff done this morning. Then it's off to work.

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