Saturday, April 14, 2007

Songs I heard on the way home

Well, my Ipod doesn't freakin' work when I use the radio thing, because there are so many radio stations, but I did manage to listen to a few CD's:

REM- miss them, haven't listen to them in a while, makes me think of college....
Stevie Wonder -- fun songs, good times, sometimes sad
Rosemary Clooney --- yes related to George Clooney, I love that stuff. And also did you know that .. Mambo Italiano sounds much like the beginning "Love her madly" by the Doors...hummm
Mix CD- included Madonna, Ben Folds, and Magnetic Fields.. what? That makes no sense? Well, you should have heard the rest of the CD... completely random, but I love random
Edith Piaf- I know, overly dramatic french chick, but Je T'aime, what can I say, no one does it like her... the heartache, the pain... I love it.
David Bowie- Yes, he popped up on the radio when I hit the Wilson Bridge..on the radio... "Let's Dance". That was one of my favorite videos back in the day. It was like these red shoes fell from the sky and tore this town apart. At least that's what I remember. I liked that one. Kind of reminds me of the movie "The gods must be crazy"-- ever seen that? It came out when I lived in South Africa, and it was about South Africa and the influence of modern convenience on life in the back country.

ahhhhhhhhhh, ok, I am really signing off now. I have to.

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